The Program

Not Your Average Sex Talk (NYAST) is a peer-to-peer sexual education program taught by college students for college students that uses a social justice framework to discuss issues related to sex and intimacy that are often neglected in traditional sex education settings. These issues critical to navigating safe and consensual sex include: testing, health information, power dynamics, consent, and sexual values. The NYAST model engages participants in a judgment-free zone and teaches college students how to bring tailored, peer-to-peer programming to their campus. Understanding that there is no universal, comprehensive sex ed curriculum, our program aims to: disperse sexual health information; facilitate discussions beyond heteronormative sexual intercourse; and address how homo/bi/transphobia, ableism, and racism intertwine with attraction and intimacy. Our biggest goal is to create dialogue and resources that are sex-positive, intersectional, and catered towards marginalized people.

Find us on Twitter: @nyasextalk

Have questions? Email us: nyasextalk@gmail.com

The Educators

Lex has done so many radical things that they are taking a moment to write them down. Check back for Lex’s bio in a bit!


Emmett  (he, him, his) is a queer & trans health activist. He is a recent graduate of American University, where he studied Public Health and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. His work in LGBTQ health is rooted in community health education, specifically for trans & non-binary people and their medical providers.  He lives to talk about LGBTQ health access and queer/trans sexual health; in fact, he never shuts up about it. Particularly interested in the intersections of health, disability, and queer identity, Emmett is currently writing a collection of short stories used to train paramedics about LGBTQ patient health needs. When he isn’t pursuing advocacy (or talking about his eternal love for Tom Hanks), you can find usually find him in a kayak on the Potomac, at his piano, or behind the lens of his Nikon FM-10. Emmett believes that a peer-to-peer, community-driven approach to youth sexual education will empower a new generation of leaders to finally create truly inclusive, comprehensive, and universal sex ed programming.



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